How it works


Easy-P systems are designed with natural movements in mind. You do not have to exert yourself in any way that you wouldn’t normally do in order to park your bike with Easy-P. These systems are very easy to use!


Do you own more than one bike? Are you planning to change your bike in the future? Easy-P products have been designed to be highly modular/ compatible. In most cases, you could just change one part to get a new fit for your bike. Furthermore, the modularity of the “bike shuttle” systems ensure that the movement system can be adjusted to be a free track or a secured track (patented).


Easy-P Systems are premium products, crafted with excellent quality materials. Though the best efforts were made to contain costs, we believe in quality first and we have not compromised on that. Our products are made to last over time, be resistant and ensure your bike’s stability. We have used bolder iron, high resistance paints, wheels and components of the highest quality.